Especially, we have a lot of practice and experience in various, often complicated assembly of installations. We have started many boiler rooms of high capacity, we have changed and modernized hundreds of installations. We worked on running facilities, and we created them anew. Sewage treatment plants, tapping to the main pipeline, sprinkler systems- we know all about that stuff. Our specialty is internal and external installation in industrial buildings and residential properties. We use the art technology and the latest materials, along with innovative solutions.

Internal installations

  • plumbing
  • fire protection system
  • central heating –boiler rooms, thermal center
  • ventilating and air conditioning
  • gas installation
  • technological

External installations

  • water-pipe networks
  • sewerage system
  • heating networks

Environmental protection facilities

  • sewage treatment plant
  • water purification plant
  • intermediate pumping station

Service and maintenance

We service and maintain devices, facilities and installations in constant state of their efficiency... Our experienced technicians respond quickly to the notification, accurately diagnosing the issue and rectifying it.

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